Scent is all !

The key is in the Fragrance

Careful, Parfums Antoine scents can be very addictive!
Parfums Antoine, is a laundry detergent, an eau de toilette, a hand soap… but it is above all a fragrance of exceptional quality. The fragrances are created obeying the rules and ingredients used by other luxury brand perfumers thus making no concessions on the quality thereof.
The strength of Parfums Antoine product line lies in its fragrance, presented in a sober, minimalist design.

The Parfums Antoine project
Parfums Antoine’s creed is to offer an alternative to the overly traditional products of everyday life and the scents of the past. Parfums Antoine fragrances are veritable cocktails combining rationality and creativity. Each fragrance is modern and original, completely ignoring the overly aggressive market trends.

Why buy Parfums Antoine?
Our laundry detergents make unique gifts, and given the experience that our fragrances are particularly addictive, our entire product line is contemporary and off the beaten path.
Parfums Antoine is proudly manufactured in the North of France, with confidence in its strong partnerships within its production line, working with people who are lovers of their profession.
Purchasing from Parfums Antoine is a support for French designers unafraid of inventing the “incredible” which endorses their audacity for continuing such an adventure.